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Canadian Experience Class

Due to the projected labour shortages, Canadian government has designed a special immigration program to retain international students and skilled workers who have Canadian experience and skills Canada needs over the long term. This program is known by it’s fast processing times. Eligible applicants:

  • Skilled Temporary Foreign Workers having two years of full-time or full-time equivalent Canadian experience in managerial, technical, professional and trade fields
  • Foreign graduates from Canadian post-secondary institutions that received Canadian educational credentials and have at least one year of full-time or full-time equivalent skilled work experience in Canada

In addition, language requirements have to be met by both categories of applicants.

NOTE: As of January 2015, CIC has a new system for people to apply to this program. It is called Express Entry.

Contact us and our office will assess your eligibility to immigrate as a CEC Class Immigrant.

You can apply online to check your assessment for eligibility of your CEC Immigration Visa. Please apply online Canadian Experience Class Assessment Form.


Download the PDF form- CEC Immigration Assessment form. - Please fill it up and send it back by scan email attention to: Immigration at info@servicelinks.ca


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