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Study in Canada

Service Links Canada (SLC) has team of Educational Consultants who recognize the need to help students reach their educational and career goals.

SLC has partnerships with a large number of reputable, accredited educational institutions across Canada, has contributed to it’s success and placed it on the map as one of the leading education consulting firms today.

Our Educational Services Include:-


  • Professional Career & Educational Advising
  • University and Course Selection
  • Admission Applications - ESL and Academic Diploma/Degree Programs
  • Admission Processing for Graduate and Under Graduate Programs

Student Immigration services

  • Initial Opinion and Guidance by Highly Trained Staff
  • Work and Study Program Assistance
  • Visa Process, Documentation & Application Guidance
  • Permannent Immigration for International students under CEC Class

Other Valuable Services to Students

  • Accommodation Arrangement
  • Providing assistance for part time and full time job placement
  • Arrival Assistance

Corporate Services to Universities

Following are the services offered by us to our respective partner universities.
  • Execution of Marketing / Recruitment Plan
  • Arrangements of On - Spot Admission Interviews
  • Travel and Accommodation Arrangement

International students:

You can apply online to check your assessment for eligibility of your Student Visa. Please apply online Student Visa Assessment Form.


Download the PDF form- Student Visa Assessment form. - Please fill it up and send it back by scan email attention to: Admissions at info@servicelinks.ca


Fax at our office in Thailand : +66 2 656 1544 OR Fax at our office in Canada: +1 604-944-7913